Dogs love❤️ DoggieGrass

Artificial Grass Made Exclusively for Dogs

Artificial Grass For Dogs

For Indoor and Outdoor Use

DoggieGrass™ is artificial grass made exclusively for dogs. It drains faster than other grasses and has antimicrobial additives built into the turf blades and the backing. It looks good, it's hygienic, and its soft and comfortable on delicate paws.


Where to Use It:

🐾  Residential Properties 🐾

🐾  Pet Facilities 🐾

🐾  Dog Parks 🐾

🐾  Dog Runs 🐾

🐾  Pet Hotels 🐾

🐾  Veterinary Clinics 🐾

🐾  Kennels and Shelters 🐾

🐾  Indoor and Outdoor 🐾


🐶 No More Muddy Paw Prints

🐶  Dog Friendly

🐶  Antibacterial Agent

🐶  Instant Drainage

🐶  No Chemicals

🐶  Lead Free

🐶  Environmentally Safe

🐶  Safe & Comfortable

🐶  UV Resistant

🐶  Outsatnding Durability

🐶  Easy To Mantain

Your pet will treat DoggieGrass™ like real grass, because it looks and feels like real grass.